Rihanna + Chris Brown + Controversy = the New Bobby & Whitney saga. But honestly, WHO THE \’F\’ CARES about these 2 anyways – not like they\’re doing something AMAZING towards awakening humanity, they\’re just two very LOST SOULS who\’re most probably pawns of their Controllers – just doing what they\’re told to do, to sell more shows and albums. It\’s nothing more than senseless distraction, the sheeple are too infatuated with celebrity drama, guess it makes them feel better about their own lives. 

Funny how some women talk about self-respect, yet end up going back to the men who beat the shit outta them, and now all these young girls are gonna think its COOL to get beat up and still stick with that asshole. Humanity needs to seriously WAKE UP!!! But, hey, at least they make good music right?! RIIIIIGHT!!! (that\’s Sarcasm is case it wasn\’t clear enough)

Random Question: Do Chris Brown and Rihanna care about YOUR OWN LIVES? NO! So why so many people care about theirs, and give them so much importance? BOREDOM that\’s why. 

—-Live a Rich Life not by following the lifestyles of the rich and famous (and not to mention, delinquent), live a Rich Life by going out and FULFILLING YOUR OWN DREAMS AND AMBITIONS, by contributing to create more LOVE in the world, and by doing something valuable to enrich YOUR SOUL! 

I pray for those 2 souls, I seriously hope they realize that violence of any form has NO PLACE in any relationship, that they take their spotlight in the public eye more seriously and demonstrate a positive image to all their young fans that admire or look up to them. As for the world, I hope we realize that EDUCATION is way more valuable than ENTERTAINMENT. And, for now, is my 2 cents of the day.


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