I wonder if I\’m the only one who can\’t stand Valentine\’s Day… I\’m not anti-Love, way far from it.

Not a hater or pessimist. But I find, and this is only my perspective, that people don\’t come off naturally, they just follow a social \’trend\’ where they have to express love on this day. Where\’s that LOVE the rest of those 364 days of the year? 

For as long as I can remember, Valentine\’s Day makes people feel or act awkward, whether they be in a relationship or not, it seems to add a certain \’pressure\’ to be \’perfect\’ or pretend to be \’happy\’… I don\’t know, maybe it\’s my perception, but do we really need any excuse, such as Valentine\’s Day, to Spread Love? Love doesn\’t need excuses, Love is the Reason behind the purpose of our existence on this Earth. 

Don\’t mind my random rant here, it\’s not meant to drag people\’s moods down, but to instigate deep thoughts. Love is, was and will always be Endless, Eternal and Immortal. It is void of monetary or materialistic value. God is Love, Love is Omni-present, it\’s the source of all our Creation, it is not Valentine\’s Day, because Love is Every Day.  

We have Valentine\’s Day, Father\’s Day, Mother\’s Day… all days to commercialize and trivialize something that should be acknowledged and appreciated and cherished EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can do that \’extra\’ any time you choose, you don\’t need commercials to tell you when and where to buy a card to express your love, or when to pick up the phone and call someone whom you deeply care about and tell them how much they mean to you.

Love doesn\’t have a price-tag, it\’s everywhere, it\’s totally FREE, and it\’s within you and me. Please don\’t let them rob Love of its integrity and purity, and brainwash you to think we need 1 day to celebrate love towards one another. Don\’t let them steal Love\’s worth and its beauty towards the heart, and replace it with vanity and superficiality that numbs the senses.  Love is REAL. Its not found in hallmark cards, or flowers, or chocolates. It is EXPRESSED through smiles, hugs, embraces, kisses, and tender gestures of devotion towards one another. 

I\’ll end my rant by saying that I send out Brotherly Love to all my soul-family everywhere in the entire world, and I pray God\’s Infinite Love graces the souls and comforts the hearts of those who\’re dealing with any sort of strife in their life. 

and always in ALL ways…
– M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™

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