If there\’s one thing we can learn from Whitney Houston\’s life, and every other person, celebrity or not, that passes on… Is that we have 1 Life. 1 Chance at \’this\’. Do we throw it away by getting consumed up by all the dirt and illusions of this world, or do we seize it to make a positive impact on our world… and make it more Beautiful.

You can be blessed with the most raw of talents, the best of skills, the sweetest of voices, the most intellectual of minds, the most innovative of creative originality… but if you… fall into the traps of the devil\’s lures, whether they be money, drugs, promiscuous women, fame, power, or any other form of temptation, you\’d be throwing that gift away… a Gift that God has bestowed upon you…. And at that point, only God can pull you out… but you have to be WILLING to reach up for His mighty Hand, you have to Believe wholeheartedly, you have to have FAITH in order to overcome your fears, and see clearly through your Soul\’s Eyes… Purifying thy mind & heart through prayer and elevating thy spirit through meditation.

That being said… Millions die daily, many of them children due to malnutrition, poverty, or lack of proper medical care, we never take time to remember or mourn them.  The world is too celebrity-centric, I pray more people awaken so we can come together and breath love & compassion back into the hearts of humanity.

Here\’s what a friend of mine had to say about the passing of a celebrity, it\’s very raw Real-Talk all the way:
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\”I don\’t get why people go Gaga over a celebrity\’s death?
There are deaths everyday happening all around us, family, friends, and people care so much for a celebrity? Get over it! It\’s called overdose on drugs while others struggle for their life because of cancers and other messed up diseases, ppl freak out over a celebrity? When did u ever see a celebrity or anyone famous ever give a shit about us? PA-LeAsE!\”

-courtesy of Hely K. 

and always in ALL ways…
– M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™

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