Want to make the world a SAFER and FAIRER place? Give access to Education to ALL people, FREE.

FREE EDUCATION?! that\’s a Preposterous idea! —that\’s what most be thinking like.

FREE EDUCATION TO ALL means everyone learns, everyone grows, everyone is EQUAL, everyone is given tools to use their own God-given skills and talents to create MORE GOOD in the world.

Limiting Education is what puts barriers on people\’s own personal growth and developments. Controlled and Limited Education is what we have now. Control what people know and you can EASILY manipulate them, however you like, as much as you like, to do whatever you like.

See how important EDUCATION is? Maybe it\’s just a BIG DREAM i have… but brother Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream once… It\’s the DREAMERS that envision making the world a better place for all… It\’s DREAMERS that hope for a better world… They need to team up with the DO-ERS and make things HAPPEN.

\”Stifle minds and control the masses: put a pricetag on Education. KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE FREE AND ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE.

That\’s my perspective.
and always in ALL ways…

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