I am a FORCE to be Reckoned With. A FORCE of FAITH, a FORCE of LOVE, a FORCE of HOPE, a FORCE to be the VOICE for the VOICELESS. I am a FORCE of Wisdom, and even though I am going through what seems to be a never-ending dark hour, I know God is by my side EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, so I ain\’t ever gonna give up on myself, I still got way too much to accomplish.  

Praise be unto GOD/ALLAH/DIEU Almighty, may His loving grace rain down upon my soul, my spirit, my mind, my heart, my entire entity and wash away all the dirt of the world, cast away all the self-doubt and all the demons that are desperately trying to break me down. OH NO, I didn\’t come this far in life to just turn back and not finish what I started. Soon, I will RISE BACK UP, stronger than ever before, with more courage, with more confidence, with more vitality, with more rigor, with more DRIVE and AMBITION and DETERMINATION. 

My soul is just going thru a pivotal period, I will honor this time and allow God to work His divine love to HEAL ME. Sometimes we need to be broken down, back down to our humble weak self, in order for God to help us build ourselves back up WISER, STRONGER, TOUGHER, MORE RESILIENT THAN EVER BEFORE.

I hope I can inspire others who are also going through a tough period in their lives, whether it\’s dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, or a family/love/friendship crisis, to find their source of will-power and pull themselves back together. If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!!

Sending out much Brotherly Love, along with Respect, and of course, always in all ways: 

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