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Every few years, I reach a pivotal moment in my life, where I face cross-roads, and have to make life-changing decisions. I\’m at that point now, trying to decide what\’s my next step. 

To be quite honest, at this very moment in my life, I feel lost, like a bubble wandering aimlessly in the Universe of Choices. I\’m doing my best to open myself up to the Higher Power known as God, and allow my Soul to be guided. I am asking to be led down the righteous path, where I can put into practice my knowledge, wisdom, experiences, expertise, connections and skills to heal humanity in as many ways possible. 

My goal a few years ago was to be my own boss, have my own record label, manage artists, and promote music with substance, meaning and a message. Now, I\’m questioning myself: Do I still want that? I did start up I.R.I.E. (Introspective Records International Enterprise), I did work for myself for a short while, also collaborated with many emerging up-and-coming artists, dropped 4 revolutionary mix tapes in 1 year, hosted events, performed at many shows, did my thing as a producer and as an MC. It\’s been a fun ride, but I ain\’t getting younger and gotta satisfy my soul\’s hunger.

A hunger for more wisdom so I can share it with the world as well as to heal humanity. I gotta stop thinking so much… it\’s driving me NUTS. So much NOISE and CLUTTER in my head. I feel my Soul suffocating. I gotta BREAK FREE. I gotta Move Forward and AWAKEN HUMANITY….. 


I am praying to the MOST HIGH, MOST WISE, to quite my racing thoughts and all that noise in my head, as well as to Guide my Soul where it needs to Flow, where it needs to be so it can Glow and help other souls Grow, I need to know, but I also have to stop being my own foe… Sad thing is, I also feel somewhat disconnected spiritually. I have to get back to praying and meditating more. I know it will provide my soul more clarity, and my mind more peace, so I can actually focus on what I want to accomplish next in my lifetime. 

In my life time, I only got 1 life-line, and that\’s the most Divine, the 1 that FREES my mind, that never keeps me on the sidelines, to whom prayer is the direct phone line, that casts away darkness so my soul can shine, to whom I ask for clear understandable signs, so I know which rope to climb… the One who inspires me with all these lyrical rhymes that I flush forth from the tope of my mind. 

At the cross-roads, which way to go, which way to flow, how do I know, which road to take, when my heart can\’t be fake, and all I feel is the world\’s ache, we gotta pump our breaks, for our own children\’s sake, See I know I\’m gifted to be spiritually-lifted, and consciously I\’m shifted, to think outside the box of social norms, my Soul has weathered the storms, I know fully well that the world is getting colder, heavy floating-thru-space boulder, too many are self-obsessed possessed by their own possessions, we live in a world of SPIRITUAL- not just financial- RECESSION, and we need to tap into our soul in the name of progression…. (sigh)… but why should I give a fuck, when people only care about their own luck, step on each other to make a quick buck, bite my tongue before I say \”THIS WORLD SUCKS\”, but it only sucks because greedy people run it, that\’s why Loving Souls must Rule It, as you witness the lyrical fitness, I digress and suggest you invest some of that love you carry in your chest to improves as many lives as you can wherever you rest, and wherever you bless, may God rewards your generous selfless gests, and welcome your Spirit in Paradise as one of many Heavenly Guests.

and always in ALL ways…

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