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Surrounded by so much love yet still feel so damn lonely,
trynna shake off this feeling and not let it control me,
music used to be my passion but that tank\’s gone empty, 
so now I\’m searching for a new venue for coping and therapy…

What happened to Moe, where did he go?
Bright with Soul Glow, but now is a No Show
No No, this can\’t be happening – me slip into depression?
Best way I know how to deal with life is this thing called… Poetic Self-Expression.

Wandering in the field of my own thoughts, tryinna make sense of my own sentiments
Somewhere along the road of life I lost touch – who am I? what am I trying to represent?
Mic check 1 -2 – 1 -2, M.O.E. still here, still got faith and still is mucho confident
So I guess I\’m facing off against my own inner-demons: Mind over Matter – and my Soul is the PRESIDENT.

God, grant me the serenity to deal with my issues and problems…
I know You guide me on a daily basis, all I need is some clarity to solve\’em
Haters are steady preying on my downfall, the devil is hoping & praying for my demise
Well at least I got that fool praying so Jokes on him… On that note: Thank you Lord, in your name i RISE.

©2011. written by M.O.E.C.A.S.H.
All Rights Reserved.

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