The power of your Soul is beyond your own comprehension, the reason you don\’t know about it is that growing up, the education system doesn\’t teach you how to tune in to it, utilize it, manifest your thoughts through it, and create abundance with it.

The system we are born into, an \’invisible\’ programming machine which has been designed to indoctrinate us and shape our perception of reality, has been set in place to blind us spiritually from seeing with our Soul. It instead focuses on alluring our material eyes to material lies, while keeping our frame of mind working within a specific set of parameters, i.e. the proverbial \’box\’ most people chose to live their entire existence in.

Well, God has given us the KEY to our own FREEDOM, freedom from the matrix of mind-tricks that many live in out of fear. This key we ALL have, unless we\’ve sold it to the devil. The key is our SOUL.

We need to un-brainwash ourselves from the madness they\’ve planted in our minds, the limitations they\’ve set in our spiritual and intellectual abilities. The Powers that Be, the ones that have constructed this so-called system, want us as their fearful slaves, to do as we\’re told, to take their orders, to live life being content according to an order they\’ve established that would keep us at the lowest levels of spiritual enlightenment.

I don\’t know about none of y\’all, but I strive on a daily basis to consistently and constantly evolve in every way possible, and I try as much of possible to stay as consciously aware of my behaviors and thoughts, by giving my Soul enough room in my heart and mind to take control and see beyond all the fake illusions of the world. It\’s not an easy task, but it is definitely possible.

The more you\’re in TUNE with your Soul, the more you see everything more clearly, see things as they are and not what they appear to be, and the more your vision becomes more focused, the more your visibility has more clarity.

Just remember, our Soul is there for us to put into good use. Untapped energy that is connected directly to a divine source, God. Like an electrical wire, Our Soul is the cable through which Faith, like divine electrical volts, flows to us, through us, from our Universal Creator God Almighty, keeping our battery (heart) charged with Love and ready to go.

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