THE LADIES OF MY LIFE… [LyricalWisdom]

I met Femme Fatale Fame and she was a beautiful enchanting yet Dangerous Dame,
She already knew my name but I also already knew her game,
She went and she came, but I never swayed and remained the same
She tried seducing my brain… lil\’ did she know, I ain\’t so vain

I\’ve danced with Success… yes, she\’s truly the Best.
She said she loves me the most cuz I\’m such a humble host
Even though she\’s a playa… and has broken my heart on several occasions
I still dig her, cuz when she\’s gone I gets the best of inspirations.

There was also Hope, in tough times she the one that helps me cope
She has a sister named Faith… her too she keep me on track so I don\’t loose my ways
I\’m best friend with their cousin Spirituality, she took care of me when I broke up with Superficiality
We all went to Wisdom High, the school for those that wanna understand life.

So many ladies done came & gone, but still Queen Love keeps breaking my heart
It\’s not her fault though, I really can\’t blame her, I admit when I find her, I don\’t act smart
I get blinded by her Light, she\’s so Bright that rational judgement is nowhere in Sight
She gives me butterflies, sometimes I wonder if she\’s not a lie, but every time I meet her, I gets shy not sure how to reply… maybe to her, I\’m just not the Right guy…

Then there\’s Lady Luck and Miss Time, they\’re 2 Half-Sisters that hate and love this Mister.
I know their mom really well, Mrs. Destiny. Ahhhh, always playin with my head & teasin\’ me.
Finally… the first one I crushed on, Esteem. My BFF, she coaches me to be more Confident by believing in me so I can achieve all my dreams.

So many ladies in my life… so many ladies in my life… so many…. but none of them seem right…. I\’m not lookin for her anymore, if she wants me, it\’s up to her to find M-O-E, till then I\’mma keep Marching Forward in L-I-F-E, doing what I do best: Awaken, Enlighten & Uplift Humanity!!!

©2010-2011 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved.

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