Dear God,

I\’m writing because I got lots on my mind, but I\’m sure you know this. I\’m looking back at my lifetime, this short existence of mine on this place called earth in this realm of reality we call life, and even though I don\’t feel old, I know I\’m getting older. Days are racing, weeks are flying by faster, months wiz by and year after year, I feel like I\’m going in circles. I know I have a higher calling, I know You have something big planned for me, but why can\’t I bring myself to give up my old ways, my old habits, my old behavior, I know You know everything I\’ve done and even though I\’ve never gone out to hurt anyone, whether intentionally or not, I\’ve wrong myself so many times…

I\’m praying that You give me the strength, will power and courage to renew my Faith, make it stronger, make me the Man that You want me to become, that I know I can turn into. I feel like I\’ve failed you countless times, yet no matter how foolish I\’ve acted in my flawed human ways, You\’re still there, to comfort my Soul, with your Loving Grace. I see things unfolding in the world, in ways that are sickening, it\’s like humanity loves to punish itself, we\’re a stubborn species are\’t we? No matter how many times we\’ve caused ourselves pain, suffering and anguish, we have a hard time learning from our mistakes… So much beauty and natural riches, yet we drain the world out of all its resources for our own selfish needs. People are too caught up in surviving and getting by, that they don\’t even pay attention to the deteriorating condition of humanity and the planet. It\’s troubling to say the least… or maybe I just see/feel/know too much…

I\’m asking of You, God Almighty, to bless me with all the necessary \’tools\’ I need, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically, and every other way possible, to undertake the mission of finally rizing up and awakening humanity from its slumber. I know that the people who don\’t care, or who feel powerless, or who don\’t think we can turn things for the better, far outnumber those who actually believe we\’re very capable of having a profound positive and progressive impact on humanity and the world. Please, unlock their hearts, release them from the grib of darkness, cast away all the evil that keeps them ignorant and blind, and use me to Inspire, Uplift, Empower and Move all of YOUR people, the people of Faith, towards a Spiritual Revival, an Intellectual Revolution and a Consciousness Awakening.

I can\’t do it alone, I need You, your Support, your Love, your Light, your Guidance, your Mercy and Your Faith in me. However you help, I will appreciate it infinitely.

Thank you God for listening/reading/knowing this.

Your humble Soul Warrior,
-Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity

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