I wanted to take a moment to talk about a very good book I just finished reading. It was given to me by an Angel on my birthday last September. I went through this book in not even 2 weeks, and within that time, I achieved to do something that many smokers strive a life-time to do: QUIT SMOKING.

I\’ve been a smoker for about 10 years now. I\’ve stopped several times, I\’ve tried so many different methods, even cold-turkey, but somehow, I kept lighting back up within a few months.

I can confidently say, I\’ve been turned off from cigarettes for good, thank God… and thank Goodness to a man named Allen Carr. He\’s the author of various stop-smoking books, namely the one I just finished reading \”Stop Smoking Now Without Gaining Weight\”. I believe everyone, whether they be a smoker or not, should take time to read this book, it\’s Great.

I like his style of writing, it\’s as if we\’re in a coffee shop or a neighborhood pub, and he\’s sitting in front of me, telling me all the reasons why smoking is bad, which we already know, however, it\’s his way of explaining it with realness that I really appreciated.

Smoking cigarettes is a poisonous self-destructive money-wasting earth-polluting addiction that is the #1 Killer in the WORLD! Allen Carr presents his arguments for quitting smoking so clearly, you can\’t dispute the facts and things he says.

If you\’re a smoker, and you\’re unhappy about it, then I STRONGLY URGE AND SUGGEST you go out and get this book. The amazing part of it, is that he tells you to keep smoking as you read the book. But by the end of the book, you\’ll have stopped. I did. By chapter 15 (out of 18), I put out my last ever cigarette. And now I feel so FREE!!!

I pray many more smokers read this book, and overcome their nicotine addiction. Your health & happiness are worth it.

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