Wanted to address an Issue that I have encountered many times, especially in discussions and debates: How supposedly religions are used to brainwash people.

Although I believe \”religious institutions\” are man-made, I do believe in the core of religions; which is an ethical, moral, spiritual code of conduct, on an individual as well as societal basis. Most people neglect that religions have been tainted, not by the actions of God, but by the foolishness of man.

I believe in Faith, it is a God-given and spiritually driven wholehearted conviction that we were created by a One-God, not 2 or three or four million, and that God is beyond all the limitations we have as human beings. We also need to understand that God didn\’t order for man to start dividing itself into religious circles. Man did that. God never instructed us to take apart his Divine Wisdom, and segragate ourselves. Once again, Man did that. God kept sending messenger after messenger, prophet after prophet, to educate us, to help us understand our purpose, a spiritual instruction manual to live a lifestyle that\’s enriching to the mind-body-&-soul, and empowering to the Spirit. He kept trying to remind us and refresh our memories but, man is flawed and man can be so ignorantly stubborn as well as arrogant, so man kept repeating the same error over and over.

Plus, satan has got a part in this. He\’s able to infiltrate weak-minded people and corrupt their hearts. Just because you follow a specific religion, doesn\’t mean your immune to his powers. This secret societies, especially the devil-worshippers, have existed for a very very long time. They infiltrate religions, posing as believers, but they\’re fake, and God has warned us of these people many a times. As they infiltrate, they use religions to gain power over people, misuse God\’s divine wisdom to abuse the practioners, and who gets the blame for it after? God. They soil and tarnish His Holy and Divine name… it\’s done on purpose, because they know, once they erase the religions credibility, it will lead to the erosion of people\’s faiths in God, and hence, satan gains more power. That\’s how it\’s been done.

Just like the Zeitgeist movement, you cannot just say, we have to fight the globalist/elistist who apparently worship the devil, and than turn around and diss religions. You have to know who\’s behind all this madness, the source of all of humanity\’s grief, the one behind all evil… lucifer. If you have to point a finger, point it at him.

PLEASE, Be aware of what you research and read. More importantly, know where you stand in the grand scheme of things… Are you on God\’s side (to believe)? Or are you on lucifer\’s side (to be decieved)?

The Choice is Clear for me, but I guess many people get lost in all this \”charade\” and decide to take their anger out on God, instead of on satan. Don\’t let him fool you. Word Up and MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ

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