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THE STATEMENTS PRESENTED HERE FORTH ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN AS ANTI-SEMITIC, FOR IF SPEAKING THE TRUTH AGAINST ISRAEL IS ANTI-SEMITIC, THEN PAINT THE ENTIRE WORLD ANTI-SEMITIC…. But We\’re Not. We\’re not against Judaism, the Faith that Moses brought forth to the Hebrews, whom are \”blood-relatives\” through Abraham (by way of Isaac and Ismael) with the Arabs… Plus they are both part of the family tree of tribes known as SEMITES.

Anti-Semitism, and Anti-Zionism are two totally different things, for you to confuse the two would mean you don\’t even know your own people\’s history, let alone… Linguistics. Just because you\’re Jewish doesn\’t necessarily mean you\’re Zionist, and just because you\’re a Zionist, doesn\’t mean you\’re Jewish.

That Being Said, here\’s a simple analogy: Would you invade your uncle\’s home, beat him down, tell his family to surrender all their belongings and that now – through force – You are the OWNER of their house? And for years and years you limit the movement within that house of where your uncle and his family are allowed to go to, keeping all the best \’rooms\’ in that house to you, which doesn\’t even belong to you in the first place. No, right?! (If you said \’Yes\’ than I suggest serious psychological counseling.) Well, that\’s what happened and STILL happening in Palestine.

Now imagine, if your Uncle\’s neighbors are witnessing this horror, and they have a neighborhood meeting, and they address these concerns…. but each time they try to say anything against the cruelty you\’re putting your uncle and his family through, and try to bring justice, but you simply ignore all their calls. Even worse, you turn around and make them look bad, like they\’re the ones who\’re screwed in the head? Imagine doing all that, and each time your uncle or his family try and fight for their freedom, you purposely hurt them through physical pain, violence and aggression… would that be humane to you?

Well, that\’s what\’s happening in the U.N. and every time they pass any sort of resolution that goes against Israel, because of the world\’s worst and longest-standing genocide of occupied people, its bitch— uhhh I mean, friend– America comes in and blocks/vetos it.

Now… who are you going to blame? In that analogy… who is right and wrong? Your uncle who was living peacefully in his home with his wife and kids, then suddenly got ambushed by his niece whom he graciously took in, but in return she turned on him and took over his home? Or the one who turned against her own family for a prized piece of land? THINK ABOUT IT. Don\’t let the indoctrination you\’ve been under affect your better judgement and SENSE OF HUMANITY.

So easy to say: \”Palestinians need to go back to where ever it is that they came from……..and stop whinning about trying to get more land from Israel.\” So, I say this with LOVE in my heart: WAKE UP. WAKE UP…….. WAKE UP. The Truth Hurts, but it is what it is…….. May God truly reach into your heart, remove the darkness that misguides you to think so negatively of your \’distant cousins\’, and realize that we\’re all part of 1 Family… that we all share the same greatest-Grandparents: Adam and Eve. May Peace and Justice come to Palestine, and may all people see beyond the ignorance that\’s taring the world apart.

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