Today will mark 10 years since the biggest False Flag operation the world has ever witnessed, the attacks (inside job) on the World Trade Centers on Sept 11th, 2001.

Using Osama Bin Laden (a.k.a Tim Osman) as a patsy, the United States seized the opportunity to increase its military presence as well as its sphere of financial and political influence in the Middle East and Indo-Asia. Making up stories and countless lies about WMDs, using tactical fear-mongering propaganda to scare people into giving up more of their rights and civil liberties for a false sense of \’security\’ against an unseen enemy, known as \’Al-Qaida\’ (a.k.a The Database). Thus began the infamous \’WAR ON TERROR\”,

This is not new information I present, it\’s all over the alternative news sources on the web, anyone can research it, which I highly recommend & encourage.

Recently, just a few months ago, in the beginning of May, President Obama went live on air to announce that they\’ve captured and \”killed\” the Notorious O.B.L. – without presenting any physical proof, only cheaply done photoshoped pictures which were later pulled off the web and the news outlets.

10 Years later, here we are. Millions dead. Lots of money wasted down the drain. Countries invaded and occupied. Innocent bloodshed spilled over lies, lies and more fucking lies. Yet, much of the population still believes what the corrupt media have told them, without questioning or analysis of the details. Nevertheless, the movement for the 9/11 TRUTH has grown much stronger and has spread much further.

Truth be told, so much bullshit has been told that I\’ve lost faith in governments and their ability to act objectively and decisively in their citizen\’s best interest. 9/11 was one big fat massive satanic/occult/masonic ritual, sacrificing so many innocent lives in a sick & disgusting agenda to establish a New World Order.

Don\’t let them brainwash you to think a bunch of \’terrorists\’ did this, global elitists are the ones who fund these extremist groups, equip them, train them and control them. Then once they\’re done using them for their own personal gains, they\’ll turn around and use them as scapegoats, patsies to start illegitimate (\’pre-emptive\’) wars.

In short, despite all the bullshit and lies, I would still like to send my sincerest condolences & deepest sympathies to the families that lost their loved ones, either in the WTC buildings, on the planes and in the subsequent wars. Know this, God won\’t let any injustice committed against a single soul, go uncounted for or unpunished. When the Day of Judgment comes, and it\’s coming sooner than we think, all the power-hungry selfish self-serving blood-thirsty maniacs who orchestrated this devious plan WILL PAY FOR THEIR SINFUL WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Like I\’ve always said: Ain\’t No Justice, Like God\’s Justice.

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