Infiltration and Subversion are their* methods, they* are also pros at misinformation (misguiding people – even ones seeking truth) and disinformation (disguising lies as truth by blurring the lines).

The key is Prayer. Nothing gives your Mind and Soul more focus than Prayer. I don\’t wanna sound like a preacher, because I too need to heed my own advice and pray more frequently. That\’s why I write & publish these blog posts, as a reminder to myself and to others as well.

In any event, they* will sound nice, they* act friendly, they* will even try to \’blend\’ in, so always pray and ask God to \’reveal\’ them* unto you. I don\’t want to incite paranoia or panic. Just encouraging my awakened brothers & sisters to place their trust unto God who won\’t lead them astray.

Obviously, if you don\’t believe in God, you won\’t understand this and will find it completely ridiculous. That\’s alright. I\’m not here to convert anyone into anything. Simply reaching out to those whom God wants me to reach. That\’s it that\’s all.

Peace, Respect, Much Love and always in ALL ways…MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ.

* if you don\’t know \’whom\’ I\’m referring to, all I gotta say is: YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY! (Let\’s just say, they\’re devils in disguise)

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