I really think Michael Jackson, as misunderstood as he was, was trying to warn the world of a great danger he felt. Aside from trying to awaken people, he was trying to heal humanity and the planet too. I think he went beyond just being an Artist, a Choreographer, an Icon, a Songwriter and a Musician. He was a Humanitarian… and because he had so much influence due to his worldwide popularity, he was a threat (just like Tupac Shakur) to the \’powers that be\’.

I am convinced and this is just my opinion -so feel free to disagree- that he was purposely murdered, for various reasons. Mainly, because \”they\”, the global faction of secret organizations, wanted to ensure that they can give (their newest & completely submissive puppet) Lady GaGa all the attention, from as many fans as possible, and for that to be done, they had to get rid of the King of Pop. Why? Because, and many people often ignore this very important fact: MUSIC IS A POWERFUL AND PERSUASIVE MEDIUM OF MASS CONTROL, HYPNOSIS AND MANIPULATION.

Want Proof? People go out and shop till they drop to try and look like their favorite singer or actor. Especially in Music Videos & Movies, they\’re diluted with Commercialism and Product Placement. That being said, I don\’t want to sidetrack on the main topic of this post, which is Michael Jackson\’s Warning to the Whole World.

This is the Video for his song \”They Don\’t Really Care About Us\”. I believe he knew who/what he was up against, and by THEY, I believe he was referring to the people that destroyed his career, public persona and exploited his weaknesses (whether or not he had a skin disorder, only God knows)…\”They\” is a reference to the Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanic/Luciferians Globalist Elitists who run Hollywood and the Music Industry, amongst other things.

At the time the video was released, he was harshly criticized, mainly as being \”Anti-Semitic\”, but it makes you wonder, why would he say those things, if he knew, and it is a well known fact, that Zionists run the Music Industry and the Media Empire in America.

In any event, watching this clip now makes so much more sense, knowing that there\’s currently a plan to turn countries into Police States (which is already happening all around us as we speak), all in the goal of establishing a New World Order.

God Bless You, Michael… you might be gone, but certainly not forgotten, your Legacy Lives On.

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