Just wanted to take a time out to remember a fallen comrade, a humanitarian, a brother from another mother, an inspiration to many of us, a man who revolutionized the music industry, who pushed the limits of creativity and originality to new frontiers… I wanted to celebrate Michael Jackson\’s life and achievements, today would\’ve been his 53rd Birthday.

I do this not as a form of worship, because I worship only God Almighty, but I do this out of respect as well as to pay homage.

I invite you to read a post I wrote earlier this year, a few months ago actually, to remember the(late) King of Pop on the 2nd Anniversary of his passing.

Whatever they\’ll say about you Michael, nobody\’s perfect, we all have our flaws. Nevertheless, you constantly encouraged all of us to look at the Man (or Woman) in the Mirror, in order to change our self-destructive ways, and hopefully heal the world, make it a better place, for you, and for me, and the entire human race.

My condolences go out to his kids and the Jackson fam.

Maximum Blessingz, from M.O.E..
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