Inside all of us is a hidden universe, it\’s called the Soul. Outside all of us is a seen universe, it\’s what our Senses sense. Our being is the link between the two. One can influence the other, your Consciousness decides how.

This Hidden Universe is full of exponential potentials, untapped because we are not trained in schools on how to yield its powerful capacities. What if I told you, we can heal ourselves, you wouldn\’t believe me right? Why? Because we\’re taught to believe we cannot. Yet, nobody has ever attempted because nobody believes it\’s possible. It\’s a shift of Consciousness that we truly need in humanity.

We put up walls where they don\’t need to be. We believe we are limited. Yes, we are to certain degrees, but only because we have not learned to appreciate the Gift that God has bestowed upon all of us since birth… Our Hidden Universe of Possibilities. We live our entire lives in complete denial of the powers we possess. Sadly, I\’m afraid, due to humankind\’s long and rich history of poor decision-making, some evil people might use some of those \’powers\’ for sinister reasons. However, I\’m comforted in knowing that you cannot unlock the Hidden Universe unless you\’re in tune with your soul… and to be so, you must also be in tune with your Higher Consciousness.

I am sure many of you reading this will ask yourselves several questions, perhaps one of them is \”How do we tap/unlock/yield our Hidden Universe? Very Good Question indeed.

It takes LOTS and I do mean, LOTS of Patience. To reach and experience Higher Levels of Consciousness, it doesn\’t come easy, but it is possible through a mental state of meditative spiritual prayer. First, we must correct our thought patterns. Stop believing that we\’re not good enough, actually… Imagine your mind is a blank book, whatever you\’ve learned all these years, throw them out the window, start fresh. Once you can do that, now you\’re ready to embark on what I call a spiritualintellectual journey to the Hidden Universe.

Next comes that Connection. With what or who? God. Simply God. Not another human being, not some fairytale story, but the Essence of our Creation, the Creator of our Essence. If you do not believe in God, I\’m sorry, I cannot help you, you\’re still not ready for this journey. But if you believe that 1 God created all of us, than let\’s take the next step together.

Feel God, feel God deep from within your Heart, deep within the deepest depth of your core, feel His Awesome Glory, feel His Unconditional Love for you, feel His comforting hands protecting your soul, feel His Presence. Now, your Being is at the Threshold of the Inner and Outer Universes.

Ready to take a deep plunge into the Hidden Universe? At this point, we all experience it differently…. I\’m not a Prophet, or a Divine Messenger, so I don\’t hold the power myself to get your across, only God can. Only You Can take that leap of faith into your Hidden Universe.

My experience has been to be in a bright empty space, feeling my being encompassed by God\’s loving Grace… it\’s an overwhelming sensation of elation I truly cannot describe or put into simple human words. It\’s undescribable. I know from that point I can somehow heal, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally. I\’m not an expert or a pro, but I feel like I\’m slowly getting the hang of it…. It takes lots of time, focus, concentration, and energy to get to that point…. And I\’m still trying to figure it out. I believe it will take more time, more practice, more trial and error. Everytime I \’go in\’, I feel like it\’s the first time. I also think I need more mental self-discipline, as I have short attention spans so that doesn\’t help my case either.

In any event… We All have a Hidden Universe within us. Most and I would say, 98% of the world\’s population doesn\’t even know it\’s there. I cannot blame them because the system that\’s set in place, is not meant to encourage our intellectual & spiritual development and growth, it is meant to stiffle it. Religions do tell us to pray, to read God\’s divine scriptures in Holy books, but they don\’t tell you that God is such a brilliant Creator, that He\’s given you powers for you to find your way unto Him and Unlock them. He gives answers, but we need to seek them. He gives guidance but we must be open to recieve them. He gives Love, endless, but it\’s on us to love Him, and ourselves enough, to find our way to Him… Only then, will we hold the key to the gateway of our spiritual garden, our vast and rich river of wisdom, a stream of inspiration… a sanctuary for our Soul to immerse itself in God\’s magnificence…. Inside the infinite \’realm\’ of our Hidden Universe.

Much Love,

and always in ALL ways…


– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™ (M.O.E.C.A.S.H.)

©2011 All Rights Reserved. Written/Composed/Edited/Published by M.O.E.C.A.S.H.. No parts of or the entirety of this composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent & authorization and permission of the author. Thank you for your understanding.

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