The biggest threat to citizens of any given nation is not a dictator. It is Corporations and their interests.

With enough money (which in a capitalist system means Power) to influences law-makers and enough lawyers to protect their asses, Corporations are virtually an untouchable unstoppable force to reckon with.

They have enough power and pull (a.k.a lobbies and special interest groups) within governments to literally pillage & plunder huge areas of land out of natural resources, not to mention turn beautiful landscapes into ugly landfills, as well as turn people into expendable \’wage-slaves\’. All this without being held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

They can buy out politicians, and even if they\’ll try to keep a fake \’clean\’ public image, they\’re not as polished up as they look. It\’s all about the dollar sign and profit margins, the shareholders and stakeholders. They almost always have politicians/judges in high places, in their own pockets.

Ain\’t gonna generalize, but for the most part, most corporations are similar. So, beware of the wolf in sheep clothing, even if they may seem nice at first glance, their intentions are the same: be profitable and make the rich man richer, and sometimes, many times actually, at any cost possible.
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