I would wish my American friends and blog-readers a \”Happy Independence Day\”, however, America has lost its independence to selfish self-serving self-centered zionist lobbies and messianic forces a long time ago…

The U.S. Constitution is currently under siege, and the nation itself is getting royally raped financially as well as politically as we speak. Most citizens are completely unaware and oblivious to what\’s really going on behind the scenes, especially with the \”Federal Reserve\” – a privately owned bank that is slowly and methodically sinking the American economy and crushing the USD.

Why would they do that, you might ask? Because \’The Powers That Be\’ have an agenda, the ambition is to finalize the establishment of a \’New World Order\’ global regime. America is key because it is where the U.N. headquarters is located, because we exchange currencies based on the value of the USD, because it is home to many of the world\’s largest multi-national corporations, because it has military bases in key strategic areas around the world, because it has the CIA and FBI, because it has the Federal Reserve, and finally because it is Israel\’s bitch. Pardon me, I meant \”closest ally\”. Because of so many other reasons.

It is really fucked up and sad- to say the least- to witness what\’s happening. I genuinely hope it gets better for the sake of the people, but I don\’t believe it will.

Americans are giving away more and more of their civil liberties, their rights and their privacy, for a false sense of security. The government\’s puppet masters use fear-mongering tactics through their control of the well-oiled media propaganda machine to scare the population to not ask any questions and just do as their told.

Meanwhile, the Constitution has been getting literally bitch-slapped. Big Fat Bankers have gotten away with extortion, while the people lost their homes, jobs and livelihood. I still keep on wondering, how much more shit will the people of America keep taking before they finally decide: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Only time will tell I guess. But one thing\’s for sure. America is no longer an independent sovereign nation. It is all a facade, an illusion, one big magic-hat trick— you can disagree and call me all sorts of names/insults all you want, but it don\’t change the facts, it is what it is.

I truly pray the people wake up before it\’s too late.
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