Two years ago today, in 2009, Michael Jackson was murdered by \’the powers that be\’. Like Tupac, he was also another \’nutcase\’ the world didn\’t take time to understand and disregarded as \”crazy\” or \”wacko\”. It\’s always when they pass on, that we realize what humanity has lost…

I want to take a moment for our fallen brother, an icon in the music industry, a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a lover not a fighter, a dance machine, an innovator, a creative genius, an amazing song writer, and remember the legacy he left behind.

Michael Jackson, your supporters, friends, family, children and millions and millions of fans worldwide, we all miss you. You never once shouted an insult, no matter how many countless times \’they\’ (the media) harassed you, and negatively portrayed you. Nobody\’s perfect, we all have flaws, but you managed to achieve perfection with your own craft.

Your music stands as a testimony of someone who loved all, who wanted to heal the world, make it a better place, who wanted to move people, not just to dance and try to bust some of your out-of-this-world dance moves, but to move people to CARE about each other, and about our planet.

Sending you my respect. God Rest your Soul in Peace.

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