Notice that the ones who get sucked up into these \’secret societies\’ are the ones that lack FAITH… they\’re void of a Spiritual, Moral and Ethical Compass. Easy targets are ones that just want Fame & Fortune, and would be willing to do/sacrifice ANYTHING (i.e. even selling their soul) to get it. Lady GaGa is a PERFECT example, she lives up to her claim & name: The Fame Monster.

FYI: I\’m not attacking any of her \’Monsters\’, whether directly or indirectly so chill the Fuck out, I know how some of y\’all are obsessed with her to the point of worship. Just \’cuz I\’m pointing out the OBVIOUS doesn\’t mean I\’m being arrogant or condescending, or even a \’hater\’… it\’s called being Focused and Observant, not falling for illusions and facades.

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