It seems some people are FINALLY fed up with the system and how things are going, they\’ve decided to take a STAND against the New World Order.

I don\’t know who these \’Sons of Liberty\’ are, I\’m not associated with them in any way shape or form, but all I gotta say is: THEY GOT BALLS. Openly calling out the NWO on a Youtube video, the people have finally had enough.

\”Those who make peaceful demonstrations impossible, make violent protests possible.\”

Now, I don\’t personally believe violence will solve our problems, however, I do believe humanity needs to stop living in denial and fear, and do something about the elitists who abuse of their power. We should learn from activists & humanitarian pioneers of the past, do what they did right and correct what they did wrong. God Bless all the Righteous Souls who defend humanity\’s rights and stand up against injustice & oppression.

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