I noticed, whenever I feel like I\’m the right path, luficer will use people with weak faith (they are easily vulnerable & more susceptible to his \’whispers\’) or people who keep company with misery, to try & get at me.

Lately, I\’ve been more consistent with my daily prayers, it\’s a voluntarily act of divine devotion & worship, but the more I do it, the more I feel at peace in my heart, mind and soul. It also gives me comfort, reassurance, not to mention, clarity of vision, seeing past satan\’s schemes & illusions of empty temporary fulfilment.

Thing is, I know satan hates it when people pray to God, he\’s been working tirelessly, with his devils to distract people as much as possible, so that we don\’t pay attention to our Spirit\’s soulneeds, and feed it God\’s light through prayer. He hates it even more when people, like myself, awaken others and make them realize the importance of being in touch with our soul.

In any event, I see him, I see how he manipulates people\’s actions towards me. I see it when he takes advantage of people\’s weaknesses, or emotional wounds, to try and break my Faith & Spirit down. I got God in my heart and on my side, so not only am I not phazed, I ain\’t afraid. He\’s probably pissed off cuz I have more and more people declaring their LOVE for God, and rejecting his \’gifts\’, as they increase awareness and see beyond his games of deception and deceit.

He\’s really sad, lonely and jealous. Jealous at us, humanity, how God created us far superior than him, but he thinks he\’s better than us. So he\’s doing everything in his lowly powers to undermine us… I see that, maybe many others do too, so that\’s why it\’s important to pray.

Prayers reinforces our faith, it builds up our will power, it comforts our hearts, minds and souls and it protects us from his allures. I\’m not trying to convert anybody into anything and I\’m certainly not trying to come across as a preacher, just sharing wisdom & speaking from personal experiences, that\’s all.

Hope it helps whomever needs to be reminded of it.

On that note…..

Peace, Respect and always in ALL ways…….


– M.O.E.C.A.S.H.

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