Not a preacher or priest, not an Imaam or Sheikh, not a Rabbi or Guru, just a man who happens to be very in tune with his Soul… An awakened Soul very in tune with the Universe around it, An empowered Soul connected to the source of Divine Wisdom, Almighty God………….

A soul that listens and understands,

knows when it comes to God I obey His commands,

living life\’s pre-destined plans while awakening my fellow man,

woman and child, time to stop acting wild,

time to stop living blindly & in denial,

we will all face judgement day\’s final trial,

good or bad, happy or mad lets give thanks to our moms and dads, and the parents of Humanity: Adam & Eve,

if you still don\’t believe cuz you livin\’ in grief,

know that struggles are brief but it\’s on you to turn a new leaf,

satan\’s an ugly desperate beast and our soul\’s he\’s out to feast,

north south, west and east, the world needs more peace,

tyranny & wars must cease,

this world ain\’t given it\’s a temporary lease.

Feed me love, feed me hope,

I\’m hooked on them, they\’re my high, my morphene, my dope,

haters gon\’ hate while they anticipate the demise of my fate,

lil\’ do they know Mista Moe was born to Soul-Glow with Skills & Flows,

Roll with Bros not Hoes, Ladies not Assholes,

eyes steady on the utlimate prize, spiritualize so I don\’t fall for material lies,

goals begin to materialize, haters continue to despise,

One day at a time, Awakenin\’ humanity so we can ALL Rise…

God-willing insha\’Allah, towards Paradise!

(C) M.O.E.C.A.S.H. 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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