Word of Caution: Some of the readers of this blog are aware of a grave illness and disease this world has been plagued with for centuries, called \”illuminati\”, but if you\’re not, than what you\’re about to see will most definitely SHOCK you. This series, as well-organized and properly-presented as it is, only scratches the surface. The rabbit hole is VERY deep and very DARK.

There are 11 videos in total, I watched them consecutively in 1 sitting… It is both eye-opening and mentally draining, but only because it\’s some very \’heavy\’ stuff.  

I always urge readers to not just believe anything I post, I encourage the use of Common Sense.  This could be real or this could be total B.S. but it\’s up to you to use your own better judgement and deductive reasoning to make sense of it.  I can\’t tell you what to believe, it\’s not up to me.  

(All praise due and goes to God, Most Gracious Most Merciful.) 


The thing with all these videos about illuminati is that they stir up an atmosphere of distrust, people start wondering \”What are this person\’s goals by doing these videos\”, \”Do they have a secret agenda by exposing secret societies\”, \”How do they KNOW all of this \’inside\’ info? Where did they get it from?\” and more and more questions arise.

Here\’s the deal brothers & sisters, seekers of Truth.  It\’s quite obvious that there\’s a MOLE somewhere, and it\’s infesting our minds with 2 very elements that lead to confusion and delusions, they\’re called DISINFORMATION and MISINFORMATION.  It\’s about lurring people into the \’dark side\’ by feeding them \’breadcrumbs of potentially true factual information\’ and then blurring the lines between REAL and ILLUSIONS.

I\’ve seen many videos in my search for the Truth… Zeitgeist, The Arrivals, Obama Deception, Endgame, Starsuckers, etc.  I realized all of these are cool initiatives but most importantly, we shouldn\’t put so much of our time and attention towards learning all these dark secrets… Just BE AWARE that it DOES EXIST, but also remember to PRAY.  

Prayer will give you the PEACE OF MIND and COMFORT OF SOUL that you need to stay Focused, Grounded and Calm in these truly trying deceptive times.  Trust GOD and No One Else.  God will NEVER EVER lead you Astray, His Wisdom is Infinite and Absolute so you can\’t go wrong by putting your Trust and FAITH in The Almighty.

As for Farhan K… I don\’t trust no one.  I post his vids on the blog, but like always, I encourage you to USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.  You want to beat the \’illuminati\’? – Start by Praying and THINKING FOR YOURSELF.  

On that note……… 
Peace, Respect and Always in ALL ways……
ManOfEntityCallingAllSpiritualHumanity… M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™

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