THE DIAGNOSIS [LyricalWisdom]

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Call me crazy, 
call me insane, 
but all I do is inform you of the Truth – simple & plain. 
Don\’t you think I know what I say sounds strange? 
Do you really think I wanna look deranged? 
I didn\’t chose to know what I know, and what I know is that it\’s not too late for humanity to change… 
But it all depends on our Collective Spiritual Intellectual range. 

God woke me from the sleep of this world\’s mind-numbing hypnosis, 
Blessed me lyrically so I can give you this prognosis, 
Humanity is heading towards its doom – Don\’t Ignore This. 
I\’m no doctor, but I dissect thru the bullshit and give it to you straight… 
We can still be healed thru Love, Faith & Righteousness 
Illuminati is humanity\’s greatest threat, it\’s an evil illness
Whether you think it\’s real or it\’s all B.S., it is what it is.
As morals and values erode, societies crumble into utter chaos & madness

Believe me or not, it don\’t change the facts… This has been a spiritually-inspired poetically-written diagnosis….. 
So, holla if you hear me and you already knew all this. 

(Written by M.O.E.C.A.S.H. ©2011. All Rights Reserved)

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