I don\’t understand why society saves only 1 day out of the entire year to celebrate Motherhood, or Fatherhood.  It\’s like on that 1 day, we feel the need to show our mothers love, attention and affection.  The remaining 364, we give ourselves the excuse, maybe not all of us, to not acknowledge the hard work, sweat and tears, grief, pain, time and effort, sacrifices and compromises, that mothers everywhere have to go through just to raise us.  

I\’m tired of these commercialized holidays to sell cards, flowers, jewelry, it\’s BULLSHIT.

If you truly LOVE your MOTHER, you don\’t need this holiday to tell her You Love Her, you Care for Her, to take her out for dinner, and tell her that you\’re Grateful for Her.  It pisses me off how society works nowadays, we wait on \’special occasions\’ to express our gratitude towards the ones we love.  WE SHOULD DO THAT EVERY DAY.

Anyways… I don\’t want to sound pessimistic or negative, I\’m just keeping it real.  I love my Mom, she\’s been an inspiration throughout my life, she\’s instilled within me wisdom and virtue, values and morals, ethics and principles that I\’m forever indebted for.  My hope, is to find a woman at least half as good as my mother, in terms of mentality, spirituality, faith, and dedication to her family, to become my wife.  But in these times, it\’s tough to find a quality decent woman out there— but that\’s another story for another time.

Before I end this blog, I want to say: God Bless Mothers everywhere, God Bless Mother Nature, God Bless our Greatest GrandMother Eve, God Bless All of the Mothers-to-Be.  Celebrate not just your Mother, Celebrate Motherhood.

On that note, here are Tupac… and Mr. T.  

Dear Mama

Treat Your Mother Right (this might crack you up) 

Remember, you don\’t need a commercialized holiday to tell your mother you love her, and show her gratitude, Do It EVERYDAY. 

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