First of all, I don\’t believe none of the B.S. they\’re trying to sell us on the news through any mainstream media.  I personally believe OBL (Osama Bin Laden) has been dead for a very very long time, and only now, according to the agenda and plans of the NWO/Freemasons/Illuminati SecretSocieties, now was the right & opportune time to release that info. 

It just so coincidentally happened to be on the exact same day of the year (May 1st – which apparently is a date that holds significance to people who do fucked up stuff like bang donkeys and drink blood from bats– they\’re called occultists**), where 66 years ago, Hitler was announced dead too.  Coincidence? C\’mon, I don\’t think so.

Furthermore, the way they present the story is beyond bullshit, OBL\’s body dumped in the ocean so that nobody can visit his grave site— really? Talk about getting rid of the evidence, just the same way, they moved all the metals from the debris of the WTCs and shipped them to China (do your research and verify the info I\’m telling you). 

In addition, the picture of dead Bin Laden that they put out looks like a 6 years old playing with Photoshop, it doesn\’t take a genius to know it\’s beyond fake. 

What more evidence do you want and need in order to see that this is just another big fat lie, just another NWO-orchestrated and perfectly timed event to draw our attention from one place and focus on where \’they\’ want it to be, while they shuffle the deck of cards and continue their evil deeds towards rolling out the red carpet for the Anti-Christ / Dajjal…. seriously, what more evidence do you need?!

Finally, more morally and humanly speaking, ask yourself this:
Was the death of this 1 man (who isn\’t behind the 9/11 attacks – anybody in his right mind knows this, all you have to do is RESEARCH \”Thermite and 9/11 attacks\” and you\’ll know)… was that man\’s death WORTH all the wars & paranoia & mayhem & millions of dollars spent, all just to find him and \’kill\’ him?!?!??! Does it justify the reckless destruction and loss of so many innocent lives?!  NO!

Sadly, and this is what disturbs me the most, as many Americans celebrate this \’glorious momentous patriotic\’ occasion,  those in power say that the \’War On Terror\’ is far from over. Oh No, not after invading Afghanistan, the pre-emptive strike against Iraq, lying to the World at the U.N., NOT finding WMDs in Iraq, capturing and hanging Saddam Hussein, killing many members of \’Al-Qaeda\’ —meanwhile so many thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqi & Afghani civilians perished and U.S. troops sacrificed their lives, or the horrible war crimes (tortures) in Abu Ghraib or the horror stories of Guantanamo Bay …….Nope, not after ALL THAT, it\’s STILL NOT OVER.  These people are sick blood thirsty animals who\’ll stop at NOTHING to impose their One World Government regime. 

Osama, Saddam, Ghaddafi, all smokescreens, distractions, from the true & worst enemy to ALL of humanity… Lucifer.  Sadly, not many people see this… And those in power, most of the time, are corrupt.  So will this world ever get better? I pray so.  But at least, and I say this in the most sarcastic way possible, let\’s rejoice in the fact that Osama Bin Laden is FINALLY \’dead\’. 

**No they don\’t really fuck donkeys, but honestly, what they do is still very sick, demented and disgusting.
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