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From all my trips so far, every where I went, was beautiful in its own way.  Yet wherever I went, the locals dreamt of having the life we live up here in North America… and we, the ones who live in the \’Modern FREE World\’, long for the Simple Life they live down there.  Conclusion: We always want what we can\’t/don\’t have.  We\’re very rarely satisfied with what we got.  We always want more or something else. 

The wisdom I\’d like to share on this Easter Sunday… is be GRATEFUL for what you have, give thanks to God for all the blessings, some people have it worse than you.  The world is not a perfect place, and there\’s always problems no matter where you go.  If you never appreciate all the lil\’ things God Almighty gives you, why would He give you more?  If you don\’t take time to say: \”THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS\” than why should He continue to bless you?  This is HIS universe we Live In, we even borrow this clay-&-flesh body we\’re in, so that being said… Take time today, and every other day and Praise God/Allah Almighty.  

If you\’re living a miserable life, ask yourself why?!  Have you given up on Hope?! On Faith?! On Divine Love?! God never said don\’t question anything, just don\’t question His Might, cuz He WILL show you just how infinitely powerful He is.  He doesn\’t want BLIND BELIEVERS, He wants AWAKENED SOULS who Praise Him, Love Him, Seek His Mercy And Guidance, Who Care unto Others, Who Spread his Divine Wisdom, Who Work Righteously, Who Love Unconditionally, Who Do their Best to Reach their Spiritual Potentials and Teach The Rest.  If you Doubt God\’s existence… don\’t fall into the devil\’s illusions and traps.  And don\’t deny it because of the \’religious institutions\’ – sadly, SOME have given FAITH and GOD a bad name.  Believe me, I wouldn\’t mislead people, I have no hidden agenda of converting people… the only mission I have is to Reach 1  and Teach One. 

I\’m not perfect, yet I still believe, though I sin, I still continue to work to earn God\’s favours and his blessings.  I\’m conscious and aware that He SEES and KNOWS everything, so I got nothing to hide from Our Creator.  I know He knows.  So many times I swerved off the right track but He and His Angels were always there to bring me back on track.  

You don\’t have to believe a word I said/written.  But take time and look around you, have you ever seen ANYTHING pop outta nowhere, come out of thin air, and come to be?  Have you ever seen a tree just suddenly appear?!  Do you see the order, sequence, methodology or the Universe, how everything fits and works together? The balance and Equilibrium of Nature, of the Climate, of all Living Creatures on this Plush Green Planet we all cohabit and share?!  Did EVOLUTION, a BIG BANG, or Aliens, or some totally random make all this?!?!  Don\’t deceive yourselves.  Don\’t let the devil fool you, and if you do NOT believe in God, don\’t worry, I ain\’t here to judge you.  To each their own.  

Finally, I would like to show love to all the people in my life, online and in the \’real\’ world, whom I know or have come in contact with during my lifetime so far, even to my doubters and haters and backstabbers.  

and always in ALL ways,
– M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™
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