REBECCA BLACK\’S "FRIDAY": WORSE SONG EVER?! (Interview On \’Good Morning America\’) [Video]

If you don\’t know who\’s Rebecca Black and/or haven\’t heard her extremely viral song \’FRIDAY\’ that took Youtube by storm, you, my friend, have been living under a rock.

But if you\’re one of the unlucky millions who\’s seen it, I feel and share your pain.  Not to sound harsh or nothing, and I know she\’s a tween who innocently and naively enough thought she would be famous, she did achieve that but for all the wrong reasons.  That\’s what happens when you lack talent (it is what it is), have your parents fork up $2000 for an auto-tuned song with an accompanying music video, then upload it to the WordWideWeb\’s most popular Video Streaming site.  Tragic  isn\’t even the right word to describe the outcome.  

In any event, I wanted to post up the interview of Rebecca Black by Good Morning America which aired on –I don\’t really know when, but I\’m sure it was on a Friday.

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