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What good is your money if nobody respects you? 
What good is fame if everybody laughs behind your back? 
What good is social status if you don\’t even respect yourself & lack dignity? 
I see lots of People too caught up in superficiality… but I guess I understand them… Misery Needs Company. So they surround themselves with more meaningless things, which coincidently, is an outer reflection of their inner self.   I feel bad for those people, not in a condescending way, just cuz I wish they knew that none of those things have any value.  Like a friend and brother from another mother, Kris once said to me: \”whatever you can buy with cash, one day sooner or later will end up in trash\”.  So Real.  So True.
That\’s why I find it\’s important to surround yourself with not just people, but also \’things\’ that will enrich your Soul, broaden your Mind, deepen your Wisdom, extend your Knowledge and elevate your Spirit.
Life\’s really short, you wake up one day, and you\’re not young anymore.  Live it to the FULLEST.  Don\’t let Fear stop you from accomplishing your dreams… and most certainly, don\’t let your negative surrounding hold you back.  Believe in yourself, keep Faith and Move Forward.  The Key is to Pray/Meditate every step of the Way, and PATIENTLY PERSEVERE.
From my Soul to yours…..
Peace, Love, Respect and always in ALL ways………….
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