I am Mr.SetThingsIntoPerspective

God made me so, so I can help my people grow.  I cut through the clutter and noise of this world and give it to you straight, the way it is, whether or not people accept it it\’s their own journey.  One thing\’s for sure, I cannot force them to see something they refuse to see, and/or are in denial about.  

My Purpose is to Put things into Perspective… so we can clearly see the BIGGER picture affecting each of us and ALL of us.  

It does us no good to burry our heads in the sand, metaphorically speaking of course, so the sooner we accept reality for what it is, and see beyond the facades and the illusions, the sooner we can come to terms with the dire conditions in many parts of the world, the sooner we can begin working on turning things around gradually and making the world better… one soul, one day, one street, one home, one heart at a time.

and always in ALL ways…

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