You can bring the camel to the well, but you can\’t make it drink.

God hath revealed the Absolute Truth about our Existence as well as His Existence unto thee, humanity, He\’s done it many a times… it\’s on us to Feed our Soul with that Divine Wisdom & Empowering Faith.

Or… let our Spirit rust which leads to the erosion of our heart… like a domino effect, all the other pieces will fall also, like… our integrity, our decency, our values, our morals, our principles, our sense of shame and self-respect….

Many people don\’t believe in 1 God, I\’m not here to convert anybody into anything, I\’m just speaking my Spirit, and hopefully, it will strike a deep cord within your Soul.

So… if our Souls have been thirsty and hungry, craving to be quenched… who do you think is best to prepare a feast for our Heart, our Mind, and our Spirit??? Allah… Dieu… God… THAT\’S WHO.

Bless up and 1LOVE.
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