Salute Loyal TMC Readers,

Forgive my absence, yours truly has been quite busy, but no excuses can keep my away from publishing more posts on The Blog Of Choice for Enlightened Readers Seeking Wisdom & Wit… Not Bullshit.

So, here\’s the Deal: New Year, same ol\’ Moe but with a Brand New Flow. Ready? Let\’s GO!

I will be doing double-duty as I will manage 2 separate blogs. This one… where I will use it to keep all my people up to date with my projects as well as share any valuable information/insight that will awaken the masses from the sheeple-mentality enslavement. In other words, Real Talk for Real People. Knowledge is 1 half of the Power.

The next half, is doing something about it. Hence, allow me to introduce my latest endeavour, Soulshine Incorporated. A spot where I will be able to put my God-given (and under-used) skills and abilities to uplift people even more, to good practical use and help to heal humanity, one soul at a time.

This will be a huge undertaking for me, so please bare with me. I\’ve been spending the last few weeks feeding my mind and soul with lots of knowledge and wisdom, all in the name of preparation to be at this point. I even quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey.

I realized it\’s good and all to know all this stuff that I\’m sharing on this blog, but I can\’t let it drag people down, it happened to me and it ain\’t pretty. In other words, keep it locked here and add the Soulshine Inc Blog to your favs – I know it\’s a lot more to keep up with, but I\’m doing this all in the name of striking balance and helping my brothers & sisters of humanity to prepare for… the eventual.

Oh and you might notice a different writing style on the other blog as opposed to this one, not a split personality, but just a question of approach. Don\’t worry if you don\’t get it now, you will soon enough.

Till then..
Peace, Respect… and always in ALL ways…

– M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™

2011, Ready or Not… HERE I COME.
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