FAITH [Blog]

Something truly amazing happens when you finally once and for all accept God in your life. I mean, I always have, but the more space I make for Him in my days, in my heart, in my mind and in my soul, the more at Peace within myself and through out my energy I feel. I feel balance, in equilibrium and in sync with my Spirit, the Essence of my Being.

I truly feel bad for those who choose not to believe in God, or not acknowledge His evident & obvious existence, for whatever reasons they have. I truly pray for them to find their way to God, He truly is Amazing. This ain\’t a preacher talking, I\’m not a Sheikh, Imam or a Priest, I\’m just a simple human being that has unwavering love for God-Dieu-Allah Almighty.

I don\’t judge people who don\’t see it this way, but if only they knew the potentials of Faith, they\’d be living much more happier fulfilling lives. They truly are missing out on this spiritually enriching and empowering feeling that comes from FAITH.

I pray more and more people wake up and realize how much of a positive impact Faith would have not only in their own personal lives, but in their relationships, in their societies and throughout the world.

On that note…..
Peace, Respect, and always in ALL ways…..

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