Dear Allah-God-Dieu Almighty, Most Merciful, Most Loving, Most Forgiving, Most Wise…

Please Wake People Up… I see too many things wrong in this world and all around me, too many sheeples allowing themselves to be deceived by living blinded. I know it\’s only because they\’re too afraid to see beyond the illusions, they\’re too caught up idolizing Stars rather than worshiping God… But, Why do they prefer being lied to? Is it comfort? Denial? False sense of security? Too much to ask of them to change? Whatever it is, please remove that Fear, it\’s a disease that eats up their soul, and replace it with Faith, which Elevates & Empowers their Soul.

Please, help me help others help humanity to Wake People UP. I don\’t want to sound negative or pessimistic, I\’m not perfect either, but it kills me inside to witness some of my brothers and sisters get caught up in superficiality, materialism, greed, corruption and other vices. Please empower their faith so that can rise above and beyond all those worldly ills. They\’re infected by evil\’s devices of delusions, forgive them and cleanse their heart from darkness.

I pray unto you, Allah Almighty, God Most Gracious, Dieu the Divine, bring unto me all those who are presently awake and see things as they really are, all who hold faith dearly in their heart, who Love and Cherish You, who want to work righteously with each other to have a positive & progressive impact on the world. Bring to me Your People, God, I cannot do this on my own any longer, wherever they are, help us connect somehow someway, so we can gather and in your Holy name pray, to work together side by side to find better ways, to solve our disputes and conflicts, without need for violence or insults, without need for tyranny or oppression, to strive as the Prophets taught us, in ways that reflect the true essence & beauty of humanity….. Compassion, Righteousness, Intellectuality, Fairness.

May this prayer reach to You God, in the most timely manner, because I feel as though we are running out of time. Thank you for keeping my Faith strong, thank your for all the lessons and blessings, and thank you for everybody you\’ve brought into my life, all the angels, brothers & sisters. Thank you.


spiritually forever yours,

– your very humble servant……..

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