To mark this very special occasion, I want to give Praise to Allah Almighty, for having blessed me with a mind that doesn\’t stop thinking, and even though it\’s a pain sometimes cuz it won\’t let me fall asleep, I\’m still ever grateful for it.

I want to thank YOU, my loyal readers, for taking the time out of your busy hectic schedules, to spend a little time with me, as I share wisdom, inspiration, insight, information, videos, news clips, music and updates about my projects. A book is a book, but when a reader opens and reads it, it becomes alive in the mind of the reader… thank you for bringing The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles™ to life each time you spend time on this page.

Finally, I have to get something out of my system……… I\’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time:

I thank God Every muthablessin\’ Day for Choosing me, for having Faith in me, for Believing in me enough to show me the Truth behind the deceptive facade and deceitful illusions of this world. There is no greater feeling than knowing God loves me, more than I love myself at times, for all the times I\’ve gotten lost, and led my own self astray, He\’s always been there, looking out for me, tapping me on my shoulder, whispering to my Soul \”No Mohammad, that is not the right direction you\’re going, Listen to Me, I will Guide you Back to the Path of Righteousness\”.

Guiding me ever since I was young, for all the times I had self-Doubt, Allah breathed more Faith into me, for all the times I was being self-Destructive, God showered me with Love, for all the times I was unsure or insecure in my own Being, He boosted my Soul with His Light……. Thank you Allah, I am truly humbled, and I love you dearly, forgive my human ways of sinning, I mean but good intentions, I genuinely do. This Soul you\’ve blessed me with Allah, I cherish, thank you for showing me the way, it is truly empowering to know God loves me. Ameen/Amen.

On that note……….. I hope I can continue to inspire, uplift and inform more people, one blog at a time. Thank you for making this blog a success. And I\’mma keep it going for as long as I possibly can.

Peace, Respect, Much Love and ALWAYS in ALL WAYS……
– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™
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