One of the Lyrical Warriors that was featured on The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes – Vol. 1: VIVA LA REVOLUCION is a politically-charged MC who goes by the name of INFINITE ONE.

He just recently wrote a very deep blog, that I found so interesting and well-written, I had to share right away. Heed to the brother\’s powerful insight as he Speaks The Truth.
by Infinite One

It seems most people think in black and white and believe America is just one thing/has just one attribute and group and label America and its people that one thing together. Good, bad, wise, stupid etc. The government, administrative bodies and the string-pullers are of course separate from the people. In government you have 1000s of different individuals and views and in the public you have about 300 mil. people all with different opinions.

No doubt a lot of Americans and American groups do a lot of good things. One of the main problems is that the US military-industrial complex has been perpetrating wars, conflicts, attacks and other events for the past 60 years that have an underlying theme of imperialism, conquest and expansion. America is an empire. Just like Rome in many ways, except now the people are aware of it and information can be uncovered and spread/shared.

That\’s not to say that the American public has backed these wars and actions. Hell, almost none of them are even remotely truthfully covered in the corporate-controlled \”news\” anyway. And the history books mention things like Pearl Harbor and situations where America was perceived as a victim, but they don\’t mention the things that put \”America\” in a bad light; the existence of \’New World Order\’/domination bodies and agendas like the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, the shady deals and immoral actions, such as the Latin-American genocides, economic and cultural imperialism, the countless countries the US military occupies, incitement, relationships with- and funding of- both sides of most modern conflicts – WW1, WW2 including the Nazi party, the incredible number of civilian deaths inflicted, Iran weapons deals/Nicaraguan contras, COINTELPRO, MK-ULTRA, Operation Mockingbird-type activities/control of the media and the truth, CIA funding of Bin Laden, the Afghan Mujahideen and the Taliban, the invention of Al-Quada, loss of liberties, degradation of the constitution, control, surveillance and free, unaccountable detainment and murder of citizens no longer requiring probable cause, DARPA, Echelon, TEMPEST, USA PATRIOT Act, FEMA camps, microchipping, depopulation plans, fluoride, invention of diseases, suppression of cancer cures, widespread chemical spraying, etc.

The other problem is that with capitalism and money at the helm, a natural byproduct is collection of wealth by a small few, status inequality and disregard for morality. \”Profits over people\”. With unregulated money i.e. power over others, there will always be the poor and suffering by definition.

Unfortunately many believe that this fascist-like order is \”freedom\” and/or democracy. We\’re given a \”vote\” every now and again to make it seem like we have a say, but we don\’t make the decisions. We\’re given our TV shows, endless food, alcohol and \”freedom\” to keep us occupied, while the powers move their pieces on the world chessboard, un-covered by the corporate-controlled mass media and unquestioned by the happily occupied majority of the population.

The world has been run by a controlling elite for a very long time, it\’s only just now that the general public are becoming aware of it through the Internet etc. Society is always susceptible to the \”norms\” whether they naturally emerged or were manufactured and constructed. That\’s why it\’s so easy for the decision makers to have influence and sway public opinion. E.g. talk about terrorism for long enough and create enough fear and insecurity and then say you need public support to fight terrorism, you\’ve just ingeniously generated yourself a \’get-out-of-explanation-free\’ card to partake in conquest and world domination without being questioned by those who really do think you\’re fighting for freedom, for as long as you want. For as long as terrorism is around, which is potentially forever, because terrorism is a word and it can be used to instill fear even when there aren\’t terrorists about. Any individual or group that knows the truth and tries to make it known or go against the agendas, is labeled as \”abnormal\” and either mysteriously disappears, gets assassinated by \”lone\” gunmen, vilified by the controlled media, sprayed with Viet-cong CS-gas or gets arrested or shot trying to fight guns with signs. Nothing will change enough unless enough people participate in the change.

Humanity now, under the control of the ruling elite – we are like birds in an enormous Earth-aviary, we might seem free, but actually the \”keepers\” have a tremendous amount of control and visibility, and currently they control the place which we live in.

A lot of people don\’t get it because in their neck of the woods they observe \”everything is all fine and dandy here, nothing that I can see to worry about\”. For most people, reality is only imagined to extend as far as they can directly see, perceive and imagine. \”The unaware are unaware that they are unaware.\”

If you want to share the truth with people, give them something they can relate to or they will hold no stake in it.

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