The more Facebook grows, the more it complicates life as we knew it. I mean, the easy way out is to not have a Facebook profile, or to simply delete the existing one you have. Either way, it\’s slowly and gradually getting out of hand. I mean, it\’s a Social Networking Site that seems to wanna take over the world. Kinda farfetched of an observation, but not really. It\’s coming to an OnStar enabled car near you.

Here is the first ever clear case of someone being fired over their Facebook status updates, doesn\’t help that these 2 dudes had their boss in their network/list of \’friends\’. My suggestion, be careful not only what you post up but WHOM you add and WHAT they can see (Privacy Settings, that\’s all I gotta say).

To read more on this story, click the headline below. Here\’s a short excerpt.

In an Oct. 22 ruling, the B.C. Labour Relations Board said West Coast Mazda
management had proper cause to fire the two detailing-shop employees on Oct. 7, for making “disrespectful, damaging and derogatory comments on Facebook.”


“My advice is be very careful about what you put on Facebook, because once it’s out there, you kind of lose control over it, and it can have consequences
on your employment.”

Read rest of story here: First clear Facebook firing in Canada occurs in Pitt Meadows

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