As you know, being a brother from the music industry, I know it\’s a field that tends to go against God. And as you know, being a brother of Islamic Faith, the religion doesn\’t really favor the listening to music.

Let us look at how these 2 domains, Music & Religion, Struggle to get People\’s Attention.

Religion, in its purest divine form, is meant to guide your total attention towards the worship of God. Essentially. So, anything that could hinder that is deemed as forbidden, anything that affects or alters the mind from a pure state is also forbidden. Hence, since Music seems to be use as Entertainment, whereas the purpose of Religion is Enlightenment, they\’re kinda at two extremes.

Music, on the other hand, seems to be able to do something that every major religion is not able to do, or is having a really hard time doing… Unite People from All Over the World. Whenever I attend concerts or shows, I witness the gathering of people from various walks of life, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, wealth classes, and so on and so forth, coming together. Is it really because music distracts us from God, or is it because humans are more prone to rhythm than to the destiny of their soul???

I totally agree that Music CAN —if you allow it— to distract your from the worship of God, however, so can TV, so can Cell phones, computers, friends…. when it comes down to it, it\’s all a matter of self-control and will-power. Also, it depends on what kind of music you listen to. There is some crazy stuff out there, which does go against God, if you\’ve been reading this blog long enough by now you know what I mean. However, there is music which does remind you of God, of the importance of Faith, with uplifting and positive words.

A knife can be used to cut vegetables in order to prepare meals, or it can be used to stab and inflict pain. Music is like that knife. It can be used for good or for evil. Religion is like the hand that controls that knife, what is your intention with it? To use it as an instrument of meal preparation or a weapon for destruction? It\’s a metaphor, an analogy if you may, but it comes down to the same thing.

That is why the music I\’ve always strived to put out there, and it\’s been ages since I myself recorded something new, was a bridge between Entertainment and Enlightenment… or simply, as I like to call it, ENLIGHTENTAINMENT (©2010).

Entertainment with the purpose of Enlightening people, and Enlightenment that also entertains the masses. I do not want to ever push people away from God, rather, I want my music to bring them closer together towards God. (©2010)

So in the end, though they are at odds with one another, Music and Religion, have but one purpose: To Get Your Attention. What the Attention goes towards, is totally up to you. Remember, you control the hand that controls the knife, nobody else does.

On that note…
Peace, Respect
and always in ALL ways…
©2010 All Rights Reserved.
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