Women are sooo tough on themselves, especially on their looks… I ask myself: Is it cuz of men? Or is it cuz of insecurities? Or is it cuz of the images media promotes? Or is it ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Whatever it is, my message to all the young girls out there, PLEASE Know that You don\’t have to Live up to ANYBODY\’S Standards other than your Own. Beauty is More than Skin Deep.

Yes, I think it\’s important to take care of yourself, be presentable, lookin\’ so fresh and so clean clean, but not to the point of obsession. A real man will appreciate your outer beauty, but will most likely stick around for what you hold within your heart, mind and soul. Real talk.

I understand though, it ain\’t easy livin\’ in this world, most of us are superficial to some degree, some more than others, but just remember, do it for YOURSELF. If you like dressing up, make sure it\’s not to mask or cover up insecurities, cuz we- and I speak for all the real men out there– can see past the facade. Be Real, Be true to you, finds ways to boost your confidence & self-esteem that uphold your values & principles, and the Right Man (not the Perfect Man cuz sorry ladies, He Doesn\’t Exist) for you will come along.

Real Men recognize Real Women– and vice-versa– That\’s the Real Deal.


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