It\’s soooo Easy to Judge… so Easy to Blame… so Easy to Find Faults in others… but in the end, it makes you no much better than whomever you\’re judging, blaming or finding faults in.

We ain\’t here to judge one another, that\’s what Judgement Day and God are there for. If anything, we\’re here to try and build bridges of tolerance & understanding between each other. Squash that unnecessary noise, if you\’re unhappy in your own life, blame yourself not somebody else. Only YOU have the capacity and capabilities to turn things around and make it better for you. Besides, I find that sorta mentality so childish and highschoolish. Not grown folks behavior if you ask me.

My words of wisdom, in any given situation, as hard as it may be, if you want to sleep with a clear conscious at night, just do this: Be the Bigger Person. Live and Let God does His thing for the people who cause pain. I\’m not saying don\’t stand up and defend yourself or the defenseless, I\’m saying don\’t lower yourself to such lowly standards.

I know I\’ve had to face so many situations like this… and I learned it\’s always better to Be the Bigger Figure.

1Love and always in All ways……
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