T-R-U-S-T [RealTalk]

They say Trust No One… I say if you can\’t trust yourself than you can\’t trust others. Guess that means lotta people don\’t trust themselves… So sad, but it is what it is.

Let me break it down for y\’all:
I trust GOD: He Never Ever lets me down or backstabs me
I trust ME: I\’m worthy of Trust- if I can\’t trust myself who can I trust?!
– and I have a Very Closed Circle of Trust, we trust each other and we look out for one another.

See, back in the days, I used to be carefree with Trust, trusting so easily… till I kept getting burnt over and over and over again… REALLY SUCKS. Worst feeling ever is getting your trust violated by someone you really cared about and/or looked up to and/or respected. But hey… some things we gotta learn the hard way.

Now I know:

Trust is like Money, Hard to Earn— EASY TO BURN.

That\’s what\’s up, REAL TALK.


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