This allows for new avenues of using our personal data against us. Just think about all the stuff you post on your wall, and post all over Facebook. Do you want Microsoft to know all that information? Do you want anyone to know all that data? They can now ultra-target you in their search results. On the surface that seems reasonable and possibly more helpful. The real threat comes from the possibility of abuse and the inappropriate access to our daily lives. In Facebook if you use their “Places” service they will know exactly where you are on top of all that.

The risk to our privacy has just gone through the roof with this deal. This gives all the more reason to be aware of what information you put online. Once it is online it is online forever. Keep that perspective when you update your Facebook status next time.

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The Internet has drastically changed since the days I started using it, for chatting via mIRC and MSN Messenger. There\’s a War going on behind your Computer Screens, and it\’s not favoring us, the users of this world wide web.

Facebook is striving to make it less anonymous and more \’SOCIAL\’ — I\’ve been hearing this word so much, I want to become anti-Social, but anyways— while Google is trying its best to retain its title of Internet Supremacy. This might seem like nothing to most people, but what goes on behind the scenes in the headquarters of all these major online companies that manage, store & collect extensive data that people \’voluntarily\’ submit, is going to be extremely valuable information for greedy corporations, not to mention government agencies **[cough] Big Brother [cough]**.

Imagine if you sell Oranges, and you knew a whole bunch of people just \’Liked\’ Orange Juice (via Facebook\’s pages), you\’d wanna know more about these people, what other stuff do they like, what are their habits, where did they go to school, and gather as much info as possible. Understanding Consumer Behavior is the next level of what I call \’Psychological Marketing\’ (which does exist, so it\’s not something new). But the only difference is, now, they can tap DIRECTLY into your \’consumerist\’ pulse.

All this to say, Facebook is no longer just a Social Networking site, those days are long over. It, along with its competitors & partners, are in a crazy Royal Rumble match (metaphorically-speaking) and the Championship Belt, is the one who has as much information & data that can be used to sell or exchange with corporations for BIG MONEY $$$.

Be Careful what you post & publish, a dear friend of mine was right, she\’s been telling me to restrict my usage of Facebook for a while now, and after reading this article (as well as others I haven\’t posted), I now understand why.
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