[…] as bad as the beginning of Facebook is, the parallels between the CIA’s backing of Google’s dream of becoming “the mind of God,” and the CIA’s funding of Facebook’s goal of knowing everything about everybody is anything but benign.

Furthermore, the CIA uses a Facebook group to recruit staff for its National Clandestine Service. Check it out if you dare.

Do not become a victim of this full frontal assault on your personal information. Think twice about putting your entire life on Facebook or by that matter on any social media site. None of it is ever private. Everything you put online stays online forever in a server farm somewhere for anyone to analyze you and the people you love. They do not care about your privacy at all and put great value on uncovering all they can about you. They have an agenda that will become more and more apparent to people as time goes by. Believe it or not there is a great change coming in our culture that many choose to be blind too. The mass loss of liberty and freedom we are experiencing is just a signal to the direction this is all going.

READ REST OF ARTICLE HERE: Facebook conspiracy: Data mining for the CIA | Examiner.com

I\’ve seen this a very long time ago, but for those who might\’ve missed it, here is \’THE TRUTH ABOUT FACEBOOK\”
Facebook, or any other social networking site for that matter, is not an innocent website anymore. Even though I use it a lot for keeping people informed of my blog & project updates, I\’ve started to practice more caution of what I upload & share— I highly recommend all of you who read this blog to do the same too.
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