……Should I continue Facebooking or Stop……….. cuz apparently being true to myself and real to the people on a site like this might damage/hinder my \’public image\’ for which I couldn\’t give a flying BLEEP about cuz it doesn\’t matter to me who judges me and I certainly won\’t loose any sleep over something as superficial as that. Pardon me, but at the end of the day I know GOD judges me & my actions and it\’s unto Him that I owe my life to (and have to face & answer to) so that is why I serve humanity by Speaking My Mind so Freely in hopes of Getting People to Stop Living In Fear and have a lil\’ something called…… FAITH.

I promote the philosophy/attitude/outlook/mentality of FAITH OVER FEAR… meaning not throwing caution to the wind, but to know that if I mess up, it\’s only so I can learn the lesson from it, and that everything has a reason/purpose behind it. Good times, bad times, in all times, I have FAITH that God is watching my back.

Okay, so maybe not many people in my network really care about what I\’m doing… but in all honesty, that\’s a given. All over the World, as History has pointed out so often, Humanitarians & Activists are few & far in between, and most of the population live in fear. So, should I make that an excuse to shut up and not use these mediums called Facebook & Internet -which is very popular- to transmit my message…..??? And if so, should I limit what I say (and don\’t say) on it?? Am I over-using it??? Is it really hindering my \’public image\’??? Am I denial about my abuse of Facebook status updates cuz I change more often than I realize (I just get moments of inspiration & I feel like it\’s gonna help people so that\’s why I share them)???

I don\’t ever wanna give self-doubt any room in my mind, but lately, a friend of mine has brought it to my attention that perhaps I\’m wasting my time here and that most people won\’t care about my message, and that I should be more in the public, not behind a computer screen. I appreciate this person\’s courage to be real with me & thank them for their genuine honesty. Grant it, I know they are right that I should be more \’out there\’ than \’on here\’……. but, via the internet I can speak to the WHOLE WORLD directly, and if somebody doesn\’t like what I have to say: DELETE ME, HIDE MY UPDATES and or just simply ignore what I say.

Plus, I have to count my blessings and say that I have CONNECTED SPIRITUALLY AND MUSICALLY with many many many people off Facebook. Without it, I couldn\’t have set up the MoeCash\’s Angels group where we come together to uplift one another with music & positive quotes. Without it, I wouldn\’t have been able to set up & organize an international collaboration mixtape \’VIVA LA REVOLUCION\’. Without it, I wouldn\’t have been able to promote some of the work I do, or give the artists I collabo with more exposure. Without it, I wouldn\’t have been able to touch so many people\’s souls with some of my status updates…..

I really feel like I\’m not abusing it but actually putting Facebook to good use. Some may not understand how through a website I\’m able to link up with so many wonderful & driven souls, hey, I don\’t even understand it, but I know that it has helped me help others… and I\’m hoping to continue on this path with people on the same wavelength.

Haters are everywhere….. Doubters are everywhere….. All My Life, whenever I tried doing anything which my Soul felt was right, I had people putting my ambitions down, telling me I have too much time on my hands, and basically, not believing in my ability to create a positive shift…… You know what? For the Longest Time, I let them get to me, till I finally realized… I\’m giving them too much power over my life, I SHOULD LIVE MY LIFE ACCORDING TO WHAT MY SOUL KNOWS IS RIGHTEOUS. I do take into consideration people\’s feedback, and I will apply it if my Soul agrees with it, but otherwise, I gotta Keep Doing Me by Being True to Myself and REAL to the People. If I show weakness or frustration, it\’s only so that people can RELATE and know that I\’m not some divinely-sent messenger, I\’m a HUMAN BEING like everybody else. I have moments where I get pissed off too, I think it\’s NORMAL that we do. How else can I improve on my design and teach others to do the same if I seem all perfect and without a flaw???

That being said: I\’mma re-examine my usage of this worldwide portal we call Facebook and figure out, if I\’m doing anything counter-productive on it, if I am indeed using it or updating it excessively, and what requires adjusting/adding/removing.

Peace, Love and Maximum Blessingz

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