Today is Sept 21st, which is known as \’Peace One Day\’… an Annual Day of Global Ceasefire & Non-Violence.

Peace One Day is working to manifest an annual day of global unity; a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.

In the late 1990s, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley and founder of Peace One Day created a documentary about his campaign to establish an annual day of cease-fire and non-violence. And in 2001, Peace One Day\’s efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution making the 21st of September . . .Peace Day.

Through the actions of people all over the world, we are proving that the Day is working, that we can save lives. Last year, in Afghanistan, alone, the United Nations reported a 70% reduction in violence on Peace Day, and 1.6 million children were vaccinated for polio.

The next stepping stone on this journey is to reach 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by 2012.

What will you do to make peace on 21 September?

May this day of Peace bring humanity closer together, enough bloodshed already, enough destruction & innocent lives gone… Let\’s turn our focus towards building bridges of tolerence, mutual respect, cooperation, understanding, trust and gradually build up more Unity, More Justice and More Peace for All.

I don\’t know about anybody out there, but I\’m royally fed up of all the senseless killings & conflicts in the world, the tyranny, the madness, the genocide, the ethnic cleansing, the wars, the religious squabbles & never-ending beefs, what good do ANY of those things ever bring??? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

It\’ll never be a Perfect Utopian World, but let\’s not contribute to its destruction. Let\’s improve the world from one generation to the next. Let us give the world in a better condition to our children, so they can continue this tradition of humane co-existence. Let\’s find intellectual ways to solve our disputes, not in arms races intimidation or in warfare. Let us strive to become wiser spiritual beings and more in tune with our souls.

Spread the Word so this One Day of Peace can last for more than just one day.

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