Sometimes I wonder if I really belong in this day & age, I feel like I belong in the era where people actually upheld virtues such as morals & principles…. I\’m sure I\’m not the only one who feels this way.

Recently, I took a personal decision, I took a vow of abstinence, meaning I won\’t have sex till I get engaged/married to the -Godwilling- right woman. Many have supported me, others who obviously cannot picture living without sex and don\’t have enough willpower to withstand it- have mildly criticized me by trivializing my choice. I don\’t care, it\’s All Goooood for me, their opinions don\’t really matter, I know WHY I am doing this, and even though my personal love life ain\’t nobody\’s business but mine, I openly discussed this choice I\’ve made because I hope it will inspire others to do the same.

What led me to take this vow of celibacy? Well, I won\’t lie, I\’ve been with several women, all wonderful, all real sweet and sophisticated and amazing in their own way. However, after the intercourse is over & done with, I end up feeling void & empty again. I realized I was living in sin and if I am to truly impact the world in a progressive & positive way, than I must begin the change from within. I have many flaws, and that is just 1 of them.

Furthermore, I just find that in today\’s world, promiscuity is not just promoted, it\’s frikkin\’ Glorified. Than we wonder why we have a problem with teenage baby mommas… Maybe because we\’re not educating them enough about contraception, but even better than all that, how come we rarely hear about ABSTINENCE??? I remember when I was in highschool, sex wasn\’t so in your face as it is now, and shows on TV had a moral of the story to them… Now… it\’s like the sluttier more superficial artificial shallow & conceited you are, the more you\’re considered \”cool\”…. leaving me to scratch my head, wondering WTF happened???

I know what Happened, Righteous People took their Eye off the Ball, and we Fell into the comfort zone. Well, it\’s time for us to Bring Back Decency, Integrity, Morality and Dignity back to Humanity. How do we do this??? The core of EVERY society is Family. Home is where the Heart is, and we need to Feed that Heart with Love, and Educate our youngins about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, we need to reach out to the youth and tell them it\’s Perfectly Fine to say NO to sex and that they shouldn\’t feel pressured to do it just cuz it\’s all over the media. I\’m really serious about this. If I had kids, that\’s what I\’d do.

Obviously, you don\’t wanna make it sound so damn serious, we have to find ways that will educate but also entertain the youth, so that they WILL pay attention to the Truth, and apply the wisdom of us \’olden folks\’ LOL – I\’m only saying that cuz I just turned 30, my silly sense of humor.

In any event, I pray God will help all the Righteous people to Wake and RISE UP, because we can\’t just sit down and expect positive/progressive shifts to happen, WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

and always in ALL ways…

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