True Love is Eternal, meaning that it has no beginning and no end… it\’s always been there (without us being aware of it)… it just so happens that FINALLY life brought the 2 people together…

Love is more than just a 4-Letter Word, it is where we connect deep emotions, where hearts are synced to the same tune, on 2 different channels of Souls.

Love, pure Love, Real Love, is EverLasting Love. It withstands the test of time, it faces trials & tribulations, it is built to conquer everything and anything that comes in its path. It doesn\’t know the definition of \’END\’, it just simply continues, and the Energizer Bunny ain\’t got nuthin\’ on it. Jokes aside, EverLasting Love is a Symphony of 2 Souls that Sing different notes of the Same Song, completing and complementing each other.

I pray and wish for everyone to be found by TRUE LOVE, the kind that is Eternal and EverLasting. Many people are blinded by the illusions of promiscuity, which leads to nothing but emptiness and an empty nest.

Cultivate your Heart, fertilize it with self-love, pour Faith into it, feed it some Soul Rays (i.e. God\’s Love)… and believe me, if you\’re patient enough and took good care of it, the flower of True Love will bloom beaming the true beauty of your Spirit.

Hold on, be strong, hang in there and just be patient… you know what they say… Good Things Come to those who Wait…. In the meantime, project your TRUE ETERNAL & EVERLASTING LOVE into the Universe… and let it reciprocate it back to you…

and always in ALL ways…
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